Tips to avoid whiplash when lifting

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Most people do not know how to lift things properly, and think that it will not have an impact on their health. When you bend and lift something, you have to know the proper lifting techniques. If not, you will experience whiplash and it could be dangerous.
If you have to bend or lift something, follow these steps to minimize the risk of injury:

Stand as close as possible to the object you want to lift.
Open legs wide.
Squatted in front of the object to be lifted. Do not bend your back or waist let the weight-bearing leg.

If you pick something big and heavy, like a box or suitcase, put one foot in front and one behind. Then bent down and picked it up by straightening the legs while standing.

Make sure that you keep your back straight while doing so.

Once you hold an object, turn your entire body if you want to change direction, so you do not bend the waist while carrying a load.

Follow these steps in reverse when you put something back into the floor.
Make sure you follow these steps even if you do not lift anything heavy.

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