Bawomataluo in Nias From Indonesia

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Bawomataluo which means the hill of the sun is 1313 feet above sea level. it is Easy to get to. It is 111 km from Teluk Dalam Indonesia. This is area can be reached by car.
On top of the hill there is a settlement of 136 traditional houses which were fa'u's heritage. Those house are arrange in two raw facing each other.

Between the buildings them is a large yard where local traditional dances, musical plays and stone jumping are performed.
There is also a huge traditional Nias House found in the middle of the village believed to be the biggest house people have found here. The house has very big fully engraved support/pillars but no single nail is used to join them.

Additionally, there are also megalith-made chairs and tables with fascinating engravings, from the top of the hill one can also enjoy the exquisite view of the beaches, especially, the Moale beach famous for it giant waves.

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