Benefits of Potatoes for Beauty

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You might like snacking potato chips. But you know that the potato store a series of benefits for beauty. Maybe you've heard that potato slices can help disguise Strecht mark in the back. But not only that potato also stores a number of benefits for hair and skin beauty such as the following:
1. Reduce wrinkles
Regularly uses the mask of so-called potato juice effectively prevent the onset of wrinkles or wrinkles that arise.

2. Getting rid of black spots around the eyes
The trick is to make the potato juice and apply it on the area around the eyes, while performing a gentle massage in the area.

3. Relieves swelling in the eye
When you drive out swelling in the eye, just apply a mixture of potato and cucumber on the injured area while doing the massage gently.

4. Disguise black spots
The trick is to slice the potatoes thinly over stains that arise in the face.

5. Reduce hair loss
Hair loss can be reduced by doing the hair mask using potato juice. If you want more optimal results add a teaspoon of honey.

6. Prevent gray hair
Regularly conduct hair mask by using potatoes can also help to nourish the hair and prevent hair graying.

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