Drinking green tea can decrease Weight Quickly

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Usually at that age continues to grow, many people unconsciously body weight continues to increase. It is also generally apply to women after childbirth. Well, of course, weight loss has several negative effects, one of which is a matter of appearance.
green tea
As we know that green tea can increase metabolism, but it is also a very potent green tea to lose weight. Well, the following will be explained in detail on how to lose weight fast using green tea.

1. Drink green tea with warm dish
Consumption of green tea with warm dish, and use the warm green tea as a beverage for you.

2. Choose a quality brand green tea
To use green tea, then choose the first green tea safe, it ensures no additives or preservatives, so that green tea really fresh and natural.

3. Add a few drops of lemon
For better results, add a few drops of lemon to green tea, it will optimize the work of green tea to lose weight. In addition, green tea and lemon collaboration also serves to destroy toxins in the body and reduce cholesterol levels.

^^ What you need to remember that green tea does not become the primary function for weight loss without the support of 100% with a balanced diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, green tea consumption should also be at the right amount, so it will not cause harmful effects on the body. Thank you!

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