Know 7 interesting facts about canola oil

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Know 7 interesting facts about canola oil
Canola oil produced from canola seed and is often regarded as one of the healthier alternative cooking oil. In addition to having a distinctive flavor, canola oil has low saturated fat content. However, this oil also has a plus or minus for the health of our body. So, before you decide to switch to canola oil, seven facts you should know this, as quoted from

Facts 1
Canola is not a plant that grows naturally, but it comes from a plant radishes and actually not intended for human consumption. Canola is also used for lubricants and the sap is used as an ingredient for the manufacture of synthetic rubber.

Fact 2
Canola can cause problems emphysema, shortness of breath, constipation, stress and irritability. This plant can also cause blindness and mad cow disease in animals.

Facts 3
Research shows that canola has the trans isomer, because the refining process. This can affect the metabolism and blocking the normal enzyme function.

Fact 4
There are a lot of processed and packaged foods containing canola like margarine, bread, peanut butter and potato chips.

Fact 5
Canola is also becoming the most common material used in the production of pesticides.

Fact 6
Canola oil has a 7 percent saturated fat. This oil is high in monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated are good for the body, and is also rich in vitamin E.

Fact 7
Canola does not contain a protein that causes the immune system to react to certain foods. This oil rarely causes allergies.

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