Often sore muscles? This turned out to cause 5

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Muscle pain often you feel when you finish exercising. Stiff muscles due to lack of heating was very painful. But strangely though you do not exercise, your muscles are still often painful. Are you experiencing the same thing? Reporting from turns out this cause.
Lack of vitamin D
"Your body is composed of cells that have vitamin D receptors in it. When you are deficient in vitamin D, the muscles become more sensitive and often pain. In addition, vitamin D is also needed for bone health. Lack of vitamin D in bone would make the bones become weak and are not can support muscle health, "said Dr. Deyo Famuboni, researchers from the UK.

Iron deficiency
In addition to vitamin D deficiency, a common cause of muscle soreness is a lack of iron in the body. Women themselves often experience it when they are in the menstrual period. However, iron deficiency can be alleviated with the consumption of nuts, spinach, fish, and eggs.

Another cause of muscle pain is stress. Because when you are stressed the body releases stress hormones that make your muscles tighten. "Even when you are suffering from stress, including chronic stress, then your muscles can be difficult to move," said Dr Marilyn Glenville, a women's health in the UK.

Other medical problems
Some medical problems or other diseases can cause muscle pain such as polymyalgia rheumatism or arthritis. Daily habits that one can also cause muscle pain as often wears a heavy bag or shoes that are uncomfortable.

Muscle sprains
Muscle strain or muscle sprain that is not immediately addressed also able to make you experience muscle pain.

Muscle pain can not be taken lightly. Because muscle pain can hamper your activities if not treated. In addition to medical treatment, you can treat muscle pain with eating healthy foods is always capable lubricate your muscles.

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