Spider is Amounting Puppies, really?

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Unintentionally a scientist very shocked when he saw with his own eyes on a spider named Goliath birdeater with very very large size and can be described that size can reach the size puppy.
An entomologist named Piotr Naskrecki stated that birdeater Goliath sound when running the sound of his footsteps resemble the legs of a horse.

As quoted by, piotr see the spider was walking and crossing the Amazon forest. It is as it is written in his blog:

I can very clearly hear the sound of feet hitting the ground hard and dry leaves. I hit the switch and directing a light on the source of the sound, hoping to see small mammals, such as opossums / rat.

Goliath spider birdater possibility only one who was in a world that makes it sound like it when walking, legs and claws produces a different sound than other spiders.

Regardless of whether or not it is, but it can be said that the biggest spider ever found was Goliath birdeater, and although the picture is not as big of a real puppy, but I can confirm that we meet immediately, perhaps we would say "There spider as big as a calf"

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