This is 5 cause of emergence of Eye Bags

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For the ladies, eye bags including the heaviest enemy if it is associated with the appearance and appeal, and therefore those who are eye bags usually use certain things to cover up circles around the eyes so that eye bags are not visible.
Eye Bags
Actually, for a normal size eye bags will appear along with age is getting older, but due to an unhealthy lifestyle, at a young age can affect it. So, if you do not want no eye bags circular arena of your eyes, know the cause as early as possible in 5 causes of eye puffiness below.

1. Factors Lack of sleep
Usually the impact of staying up late or sleep deprivation that always happens to someone would quickly lead to the circle on the arena's eyes, in addition to the circle of the eye, the face will also look matted, dull and looks older, so keep your bedtime if do not want a bag in your eyes.

2. Genetic Factors
Whatever type of illness can come due to genetic factors or descendants including onset of eye bags. In scientific terms this is called periorbital hyperpigmentation, a condition of the skin pigment, melanin, which is produced in the skin of the eye. And this is what can cause eye bags are inherited through genetic.

3. Factors Food allergies
There are certain people who may have food allergies, and allergies because it affects certain parts of the body such as the onset of panda eyes. However, generally this is very rare.

4. Factors Toxins in the body
Black circle on the arena of your eyes can be a sign if there are toxins in the body are not wasted it all. The possibility of that happening any indication of the body in need of detoxification and a healthy lifestyle.

5. Excessive eye Rubbed
Often unconsciously when we itchy eyes too much. It could cause the circle of the eye. Rubbed his eyes too hard on the thin skin under the eyes will cause blood vessels to dilate which causes the same effect around the eyes. So, if your eyes itch, gently with a soft cloth.

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