6 unappetizing food is very hated heart

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heart attack caused by a blockage in blood flow to the heart, which then made ​​the heart cells die. It can be caused by smoking, foods high in calories, sodium and saturated fat. Here are six foods that are hated by our heart, as reported Live Science.
1. Fries
Who would not like the fries. Whenever stopping at fast food restaurants, this will be one of the snacks served at our table. Unfortunately, the content of saturated and trans fats found in fried potatoes makes it unhealthy, especially for the heart. Besides being rich in saturated and trans fats, snack also contains a lot of salt that can adversely affect the body.

2. Sausage
Processed meat is in great demand by modern society because it is practical and tasteful. However, the sausages are mostly found on the market have been shown to increase the risk of heart failure. Said sausages rich in saturated fats that can adversely affect the heart.

3. Red meat
Red meat is quite high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Therefore, doctors recommend to reduce the consumption of red meat.

4. Potato chips and corn chips
Light snacks have a great influence to the health of your heart. They are packed with carbohydrates, most of the high trans fat, and the worst is sodium. All were extremely hated by our heart.

5. Drink soda
There are about 50 to 60 grams of sugar in soda drinks. Not to mention, there are many chemicals used in soda, it certainly can make your heart does not function properly.

6. Canned Food
The food packaged in cans given a preservative that can be durable. Therefore, canned foods are very rich in sodium and that could adversely affect the health of your heart.

^^This is good food that is so hated by our heart. Reduce consumption of food or beverages at the top in order to keep your heart healthy.

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