6 Simple Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

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Preventing heart disease can be done in a simple way. The requirement, one must do prevention early. Generally trigger heart problems caused by the accumulation of various factors after long-term. For example the presence of plaque in the arteries, hypertension, high-fat eating habits, and so on.
Early prevention is still needed. Quoted from Boldsky and, the following simple ways that can help a person avoid the disease and include heart attacks:

Do not smoke  
Smoking affects the body's overall health. Cigarette toxins can lead to a buildup of plaque in blood vessels until the blood becomes more viscous. People become susceptible to high cholesterol and hypertension that leads to heart attacks.

Walk every day  
Simply by taking the time walking or active fiik every day will make the health of your cardiovascular system. Combine with simple breathing exercise to keep the heart healthy. Can also be combined with a jog or exercise according to physical abilities.

It deals with mental health Mental controlled from a sense of stress and depression safer for heart health. Because, stress affect blood pressure is high and lowered immunity. A person more susceptible to illness including heart attack if other triggering factors come together, such as high cholesterol.

Manage your diet  
Choosing healthy foods and regulates the amount consumed has an impact on heart health. The food that is friendly to the heart simple: bananas or green vegetables are rich in potassium. In addition, choose foods that can reduce cholesterol and hypertension such as cucumbers, oranges, grapes, and so forth.

Maintain weight  
The more weight your body, it will be a lot of fat that accumulates. Fat triggers a heart attack, especially if you have a lot of unhealthy fats. Immediately reduce by exercising and eating foods penluruh fats, such as lemon juice, vegetables, and so on. If you want to diet, do a healthy diet.

Avoid the fall of the body
In people aged start-up, try not to fall off his body. Because, there are fears it could trigger a heart attack.

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