For the Beloved Wife, Every Day Grandfather 79 Year Modification Wheelchairs

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Love is wonderful, sincere and selfless. Love also makes one want to stay close, take care of and protect and do the best for someone he loves. The story of true love and heartfelt, even arguably make everyone jealous, this time comes from the pair of grandparents from China. The pair was grandfather Xu Suobao (79) and his wife Zhoushu Di.
Reported from, genuine and touching love story unfolds both when both are caught on camera driving a wheelchair to go around the city. Yes, the wife likes all around the city. Unfortunately, he suffered from acute arthritis since 40 years ago and made him unable to walk normally and strong as other people in general. Do not want to see her sad because of the limitations he has, grandfather Xu took the initiative to give him a wheelchair for him.

Although Zhoushu wheelchair grandmother, grandfather Xu did not want to separate or away from his wife. He wants to be there for his wife and accompany him wherever he goes. Grandfather Xu finally decided to modify the wife's wheelchair. And indeed, the result of modifications to make them always together wherever and whenever it is. With wheelchair modifications, he could accompany her wherever she wants to go.

Grandfather Xu said
"My wife liked around town. He always sits in a wheelchair I've ever traded before. But, I want to always accompany him. For a short distance, maybe I can lead and push his wheelchair. For long distance, I began to be overwhelmed. I decided to modify the seat and we can be together always. I am happy to be with him wherever he wants to go and whenever it is. I love her very much.

Since the photograph are both widespread in social media and the internet, what do grandparents Xu has touched the hearts of many netizens. The netizen claimed that they were amazed by the sincere love to his wife's grandfather Xu. Wheelchair which he modified and even then had to get a special name of netizens. Netizens gave the name of the wheelchair as "Wheelchair of Love" or "Love Wheelchairs." Not a few also said that grandfather Xu and his wife is the most romantic couple.

Love is beautiful is not it? True love sincere and romantic never looked shortage of couples. Rather, love will strive to enhance and close the shortfall with all sincerity and devotion.

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