Natural Ways to Control Hunger

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Hunger is actually a natural thing when our bodies need energy supplies. Yes, hunger is certainly not an issue that could have an impact on the body of excess bad, but if it is excessive it will certainly cause health problems. As the saying goes all the excess is not good because it could harm ourselves. Not only can make us obese but also causes other diseases that are very dangerous.
Natural Ways to Control Hunger
Well, for that hunger excess must be controlled. According to some health experts hunger is affected by two hormones in the body, the hormone ghrelin and leptin. Both hormones is exactly what turns are often overlooked by the body, causing excessive hunger even though we just consume heavy meals. How to control hunger? Here's his review.

Fill Sleep Time
Research results from a number of health experts call if bedtime is one of the important keys to help those who want to maintain their weight. In fact, by sleeping 6 to 8 hours per day we can control even lower levels of leptin and ghrelin which can trigger excessive hunger. In addition to control diet certainly slept very well to keep the weight so as not obese.

Consuming Protein
One of the causes of obesity are carbohydrate foods are consumed in excess. This is exactly what is often by health experts to reduce or at least control the food intake of carbohydrates each day. But, in addition to preventing obesity, reduce the consumption of carbohydrate-containing foods was also very good for controlling hormone leptin. In lieu of foods containing high protein highly recommended to be consumed, but still within reasonable limits.

Controlling Stress
Mental or psychological distress such as stress or depression also affects the hormones that trigger excessive hunger hormone ghrelin. From the results of stress or depression can increase levels of the hormone ghrelin in the body, causing you to feel hungry more often. Well, to control, health experts recommend that you can prevent or treat stress with stress better.

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