So the model in America, Soumya Seth so Beautiful Enchanting

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A talented young actress Soumya Seth apparently still welcome to stay in America for a considerable period of time. It turns out his stay in the land of Uncle Sam was not just a mere holiday, in fact actor Navya is still active work as a photo model.
Soumya Seth
Soumya natural beauty seems to have stolen the spotlight one photographer there. Alaa is Alrafaihi, a photographer from Los Angeles who repeatedly photographing Soumya, no exception this time.

If the previous photo Soumya look fashionable and stylish glasses typical young, this time her beauty that became the main focus Alaa. The actress who is familiarly called Rapunzel fans as it does have a natural beauty.

In the photo above, Soumya looks very beautiful with makeup makeup on his face. Close-ups of it seemed to be evidence if Alaa want to accentuate detail Soumya's face for a photo shoot this time.

Long hair looks Soumya bun and natural makeup has made more exotic skin. Thick eye liner beautify eyes wide with greenish eyes. Compliments flowed freely from netizens and fans in the comments field Instagram account the personal photographer.

No doubt, fans are getting excited when Soumya divide latest pictures on Instagram account, including Alaa shots photo above he also repost. This is because the fans have been made to miss with long-haired actress who is long enough not appear in the series India.

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