Tips to Prevent Stomach for Women

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For matters of appearance no one can argue if the women who are far more concerned about his appearance. One problem that a major concern of women is the size of her waist. Distended stomach problems would be a serious problem for your appearance, but wait a minute apart can make you look unattractive distended abdomen was also cause serious health problems such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and even death. However, you need not worry ladies, to prevent stomach distended You can do this several ways. One of them is to start healthy habits and avoid bad habits. Any habit that should and should not do to prevent distended stomachs for women? following his review.
Prevent Stomach
Note Diet
Poor diet is one cause stomach becomes distended. Well, ladies to prevent it then of course you have to get used to a healthy diet. From now stop the habit of eating too late at night because it can interfere with the digestion of food you consume. One again, you should also not vent the pressure that you experience in your diet, because it makes you difficult to overeat which would cause your belly bulge. For dinner you should not consume food in large portions and make sure you sleep at least 3 hours after eating.

Stop Drinking Carbonated Drinks
As reported from one of the major media ground water, carbonated beverages or soft drinks (including diet soda) it can also make your belly bulge. Even the results of the study women who regularly drink soda every day can cause stomach bulge in fact two to three times faster. Well, to prevent it should you choose to drink healthier beverages such as fruit juice or water.

Fill Protein Intake
Protein intake can also help you prevent belly fat, adequate protein intake article may help you prevent excessive appetite due to hormone uncontrolled rate. Well, if you can prevent overeating then certainly maximize your digestive system and naturally also prevents the accumulation of fat in your stomach.

Regular sleep
Poor sleeping patterns were also included as one cause of the problem accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Experts say adults need at least 6-8 hours of sleep at night. At bedtime is not met then you will increase stress hormones that will propel you into a ferocious appetite! Well, in order to prevent an increase in the stress hormone is then you should sleep well every night.

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