3 Natural Ways to Eliminate Acne

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This disease is actually quite mild. However, due to appear on the face, then for some people, especially women can be considered "diseases seriously". Acne is also one of the many types of skin diseases experienced by youth. This disease can indeed interfere with the appearance and reduce confidence. Therefore, no wonder that many teenagers are trying to eliminate it from their faces either to get rid of acne naturally or go to a dermatologist.
When acne grows, surely you wish blemishes which interfere with it soon disappeared. For acne quickly deflated, without the need to buy expensive drugs, there are three easy ways you can do:

Aspirin not only can be used to relieve pain, but also prevent acne becomes severe. Take an aspirin, mash until smooth then moisten with water until thick. Use viscous liquid aspirin on acne for several minutes, until dry and then wash with water. This will reduce the redness and relieve pain.

Olive oil
Make a concoction by mixing 4 tablespoons of salt and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Apply the mixture on the face using a brush or your fingers. Leave for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with warm water and soap. Do this treatment two or three times a week. You will see real changes on the skin. Salt can clean the pores with the exfoliation, mineral content makes the skin more healthy and olive oil can restore the skin's natural moisture.

You must attend the official events tomorrow, while acne is prominent. Use toothpaste at night and let dry until morning. Toothpaste make acne dry quickly and absorb oil. However, this method should not be done if the skin including sensitive, because it can cause irritation

Care rid of acne naturally can be done by:
  • Keep your skin, wash your face with warm water
  • Avoid holding and squeezing pimples
  • Do not use as a hair mask or bangs
  • Do Use cosmetics that are too thick 
  • Consumption of fruits and vegetables fresh
  • Avoid fried foods and too sweet

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