5 Best Ways to Prevent Acne

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Preventing Acne~Acne can occur anytime and anywhere, no matter when you're doing important activities or meet with someone you care about. Acne can arise not without reason, usually you alone are a factor of acne.

On this occasion I will discuss how to prevent acne, but before you know how, it helps you to know in advance the causes of acne on the face, it is not impossible, if you know the causes of acne you can overcome the acne on your face.

Incidence Causes Acne
Greasy food
By eating greasy foods such as fried foods frequently can cause acne. Because of the oil contained in the proficiency level on is fried unhealthy oils, whereas cells - cells that are needed by the skin is a healthy oil.

Holding Face
No we know, often we hold our face in hands dirty conditions, from the dirty hands that causes pile dirt on our face and can lead to new facial acne.

Lazy Face Wash
The scarcity of face wash is the most important factor in causing acne, try to watch the cause of acne above, when you hold your face in a dirty condition and plus dirt and dust on the road and plus you're too lazy to wash your face. It is very very very likely to cause acne can quickly and in large numbers.

Stimulating Hormone
If for this one thing is clear you can not avoid it. Because the hormones of puberty may arise if you are in love with someone special. Is it possible that I told you not to fall in love? I think that's a bit crazy if I dare to tell you like it.

Beauty products 
By using cosmetic / beauty products it can add beauty to your face, but if we use cosmetics that suit your face, what if it does not fit? one of the causes of incompatibility is acne on the face.

How to Avoid Acne Occur Back On The Face
By doing regular exercise is certainly very nice, not to prevent acne, but you can have a face and a body that is healthy, because you diligently exercising, circulation / blood circulation in the body can be smoothly.

Reduce junk food
We recommend that you reduce eating foods that have excess oil content such as fried foods, spicy foods and junk food, in addition to bad for your face, diversified food is also very good for your body. If you still want to consume these foods, you eat as well as a maximum of 1 month 1x alone and balanced with exercise.

Diligent wash your face
From now on, you should diligently wash your face after your daily routine - day or before bed, so that the dirt-dirt or stains which can be lost against the face and make you become more fresh faces.

Enough rest
Sleep accordance with health, ie 7-8 hours one day, avoid too strees. Due to your experience of stress conditions, can cause acne on the face.

Use traditional way to avoid acne
As we know together, traditional is indeed a very powerful way to prevent and treat existing acne on your face, on the other hand, the traditional way is the safest way to treat all kinds of diseases including acne because it uses materials-natural materials which are suitable for all skin types.

Discussion umpteen ways to prevent acne comes back at this time, may be useful to you, because of the beauty that you have is the grace of God given to you that you must take care.

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