5 Ways to Stretch Natural Hair at Home

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Having long hair and beautiful is something which is mandatory for every woman, the problem is a problem that most hair can make a woman into a fast-changing mood.
Who had sudden mood can be cranky if exposed to or involved with problems in her hair, especially if they are wrong in choosing the hairstyle or the person who cut the hair is not in accordance with his wishes because it may be too short to cut it. On this occasion I will give you tips or how to lengthen your hair naturally that you can use with ease.

Aloe Vera
In addition to making your hair becomes darker, the content contained in aloe vera can lengthen your hair quickly and certainly safe for your hair because it uses natural ingredients. To use aloe vera, is easy enough you simply rub the flesh of aloe vera to the skin and your hair thoroughly and evenly, for 15 minutes, then rinse with using shampoo.

Green Tea
Anti oksidan contained in green tea is very good for the circulation of blood circulation to your hair, so it can lengthen your hair quickly. How to use it you simply boil / brew green tea, then smeared all over your hair, then let stand for 20 minutes. In order not to feel the wait, you can also drink the green tea. Because besides good for hair, green tea is also good for your body healthy.

Apple skin
Maybe you are a little surprised to hear "Skin Apples" can lengthen your hair quickly, the fact that the content contained in apple skin is great to nourish your hair and can make your hair look thicker and healthier. To use apples as a way to lengthen your hair, you simply smooth the skin of apples, you can use the collision or blander, then smeared the already delicate skin of the apple throughout your hair.

Coconut Water
How to lengthen further hair naturally is to use coconut water. How to use it is smeared coconut water to all parts of your hair and then you let stand overnight, and the next morning you rinse using your normal shampoo.

Olive oil
Nice addition to accelerating the growth of hair, olive oil can also remove dull and make your hair softer. How to use it you simply rubbed olive oil throughout your hair, let stand for 1 hour and then rinse.

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