7 Causes of headaches suddenly

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Is your lifestyle healthy ?, if yes that's fine, but why remains a headache ?. You sleep enough, if yes that is right, but still a headache, why?
If you experience such a case, then it is caused by things that are unpredictable without us knowing. The incident, as reported by site, there are several causes of headaches suddenly will be described below.

1. Drinking Coffee
Drinking coffee is a natural thing and there are no restrictions, because coffee also has some health benefits. However, if excessive, then it will be bad for the health of the body. The content of the coffee process beneficial to refresh the body, but if too much is consumed, the body limp after that and the head will become dizzy suddenly.

2. Stress
Stress is a habit that should be eliminated, because when you are stressed, you will be vulnerable to disease, one of which is a headache. Therefore, try not to stress and avoid stress to not overwhelm you.

3. Eat Ice Cream
Brain freeze, is the term used when the headaches appear after eating ice cream. Generally, if you eat ice cream or cold drinks with a rush, then the headache can immediately attack you.

4. Chewing Gum
It turns out excessive chewing gum can make the jaw muscles work harder and become tense. Believe it or not, it turns out can cause headaches.

5. Sleeping too long
Habits that this is indeed cause many diseases that come. Due to stay up late, sleep activity is reduced which can cause headaches at the moment and when waking from sleep.

6. Position Squad
Sitting in the back arched position or carry heavy items in the back, could create headaches. If your back feels strained and stiff, headaches can directly attack you. So sit down with your spine straight and do not forget to stretch the muscles of the body on a regular basis.

7. Drink Wine Red (Red Wine)
In red wine there is usually a material that is used as a preservative sulfite. And the sulfite content was often cited as a cause of migraine. In addition, alcohol can also cause dehydration caused headaches.

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