Best Vitamin and Supplement to Gain Weight

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Vitamin well known as a healthy food, it is no wonder often used to support a healthy diet for slimming or weight loss. But there are other types of vitamins that can actually add weight and many are curious about this. 
Maybe you are do it something to currently hard to raise your weight, the fastest, easiest and commonly used in particular by increasing the intake of foods high in carbohydrates and protein. If it is less then vitamins can also help. Vitamins for weight gain works to increase appetite or by slowing metabolism. Here's a list of supplements that can increase a person's weight:

Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
Vitamin B1 is believed to help gain weight because it has the effect of increasing appetite. Sources of vitamin B1 include: brown rice, grains and meat. Consuming these foods on a regular basis will help improve thiamine in the body. Daily requirement of vitamin B1 is 1.2 mg per day for men and 1.1 mg per day for women.

Creatine is a good source of energy for the muscles that give strength to perform daily activities as well as by the body. Besides, creatine also serves to increase muscle mass, and it is this which makes creatine can help to gain weight. In fact not only gain weight, but also make the muscles become muscular. Creatine can be obtained from dietary sources such as meat and fish. Sometimes certain milk is also fortified with this creatine.

This is actually not a vitamin, but a hormone that plays a role insert body glucose from the bloodstream into the tissues to be converted into energy. If the unused energy will be converted into fatty tissues and muscle mass, which in turn can increase a person's weight. Insulin is released in the body in response to sugar contained in food intake. One way to increase the body's insulin levels is by increasing the intake of carbohydrates such as rice, bread, potatoes, and so on.

Someone who lack zinc (zinc) may experience discomfort in the mouth, thereby reducing appetite. Therefore, maintaining a diet that zinc needs are always met will help increase appetite and accelerate weight gain. The required amount of zinc is 11 mg per day for men and 8 mg per day for women. Source foods that contain zinc include seafood (seafood), meat, nuts and dairy products. Zinc also available in supplement form ready for use.

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