Biography Of Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay was born in New York on July 2, 1986. Aside from being an actress and a musician, he is also the son of Dina Lohan celebrities. Life-blooded Irish and Italian actress whose glamorous celebrity is putting itself in full revelry, parallel to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Meanwhile, in Lindsay's love life had a relationship with actor Aaron Carter, Wilmer Valderrama and last celebrity he split from Hard Rock Hotel heir Harry Morton. In addition, some acted Lindsay had a romantic relationship with some guy, like a model called Sam, also with Eragon star Edward Speelers.

Glorious life in acting and singing was apparently not supported by Lindsay's personal life alone. So many problems caused Lindsay in 2010 after his confession that he is a lover menyebukan same sex. Mid-2007, Lindsay looked sticky with a female DJ, Samantha Romson. In the end they both admitted that they were lovers. His relationship with the same sex, Samantha Ronson officially ended in early April 2009.

Career brilliantly beautiful women during his days in Hollywood to fade in the absence of new films that dimainkanya. It is also compounded with a million problems experienced Lohan makes a soft food paparazzi.

Biography of Lindsay LohanInitially, Lindsay Lohan has a close relationship with several celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Anna Faris. But lately they involved a fight because Paris accused Lindsay captured her boyfriend named Stavros. Lindsay Paris said a woman in love with him miserably.

Hearing the confession of Paris, Lindsay immediately retaliated by calling Paris a slut who easily gives her body to other men. Besides Lindsay was also involved in an altercation with actress and singer Hilary Duff because they seize ex-boyfriend, Aaron Carter. The year 2010 begins with a promise that Lindsay will improve with a more healthy life and quality. One of the first steps taken Lohan is to add a collection of clothing products to be marketed in the fall.

But all the opportunities and promise Lohan is not exploited properly. Proven. long time no longer matter to him. This time it is the bankruptcy Lohan, to the extent that he is unable to pay the rent house in Hollywood. Briefly mentioned bills to pay Lohan to U.S. $ 23,000.

In late April 2010, Lohan is also reportedly experiencing financial troubles, this time related to a credit card. Habit of spending heavily menyisakannya bloated credit card bills sampau $ 600,000. It is not accompanied by Lohan achievement, as evidenced by not signing new films Lohan after LABOUR Pains.

Endless variety of problems coming actress who had become the idol of many girls, like Rolex theft he did, demands of photographers because Lindsay is considered a promise, the release of her new project, Jessica Stam and his fight with Avril Lavigne, a lawsuit from luxury boutiques in LA, and much more. In the year 2010, Lohan seems to be getting worse career with his decision to play in the inferno, which many people considered a porn movie, which is denied by Lindsay.

Lindsay case with alcohol seems to have ended in 2010, with the judge's decision to be received for a foul on ketetapam judge who had lived since 2007. Lindsay should be in jail for 90 days counted from July 20, 2010. Not only the cage that will be undertaken Lohan, but also programs drug addiction after his sentence ends. Lynwood Jail, California would be the place to stay for the duration of his sentence Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Morgan Lohan or incomplete, began his career as a star model from the age of the children. Lindsay later popular after playing the character of Anna Coleman in the movie FREAKY FRIDAY (2003). Not just acting, Lindsay who had appeared in the American TV series, UGLY BETTY also penetrated the world of singing. Debut album, SPEAK was released in 2004 and earned platinum.

December 2005, Lindsay launched her second album, A LITTLE MORE PERSONAL (RAW). And Lindsay's third album which has just completed the film Labor Pains in 2009, was launched in 2007 with the title SPIRIT IN THE DARK. Quentin Tarantino also had offered Lohan a role that might be expected to help boost Lohan's career was fading in 2009.

- LIFE-SIZE (2000)
- GET A CLUE (2002)
- Confession of A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN (2004)
- MEAN GIRLS (2004)
- Herby: FULLY LOADED (2005)
- JUST MY LUCK (2006)
- BOBBY (2006)
- THE HOLIDAY (2006)
- CHAPTER 27 (2007)
- GORGIA RULE (2007)
- I Know Who Killed ME (2007)
- DARE TO LOVE ME (2008)
- POOR THINGS (2008)
- Labor Pains (2009)
- Machete (2010)

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