Causes of Acne

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Blockage of the pores of the skin with dirt is a condition that causes inflammation and may have an infection, this problem is acne. Many things can cause the appearance of acne. The cause of acne is usually due to a combination of hormonal changes and also less intact skin hygiene. Other causes of acne is due to be caused by hormonal changes which then stimulate the sebaceous glands or glands of the existing oil-producing skin.
At puberty, the sebaceous glands are more active and can produce excessive oil well. Oils are usually often dries, peel, and then the bacteria being assembled in the skin pores and blackheads form. Blackheads that causes blockage of the flow of oil from the root sheath follicle pores.

Cause of acne because of a blockage occurs in part, then there will be a black nodule, and if the total blockage that occurs, then there will be bumps. Bacteria that grow in the pores can lead to blockage and then outlines some in the oil, which in turn can cause skin irritation problems. Acne is a black nodule and also bumps that become irritated. If an infection of irritation that occurs in acne more so bad, it can form abscesses.

Cause of acne is another hormonal changes that also be one factor occurrence of acne. This usually occurs during menstruation, pregnancy, birth control pills, or also due to stress. The food is only slightly influenced or even absolutely no effect on the cause of acne . Despite of some people who suffer from acne assume that some foods can be a trigger of this acne.

In addressing the problem of acne, acne should not push, because it could lead to damage to the skin. Damaged skin usually tend to leave lasting scars on the face or permanent. So do not ever squeeze acne, treat your skin as early as possible.

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