How to Eliminate Mouth Odor Naturally

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Everyone would not want to if his mouth issued a scent is not pleasant. Bad breath that comes out would be very disturbing not only yourself but also others. It will also make people feel angry and also embarrassing for those who experience it. Therefore, bad breath is not supposed to be maintained but must be immediately eliminated.
Mouth Odor
Underarm odor and unpleasant mouth odor can reduce a person's credibility. So could lead to a negative image of another person if the person who has bad breath are the squalid and do not like to keep it clean. This could be a bigger problem if you are a businessman who works always have to talk to colleagues which would require a pleasant aroma that comes from the mouth.

So what causes bad breath? before addressing how to eliminate bad breath, it helps us identify some of the causes that can make a person's mouth smells among other things:
  • Less can maintain oral hygiene. Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day, morning and evening ahead of you sleep.
  • Eating foods trigger bad breath like jengkol or banana. The meal was tasty, but it certainly causes unpleasant mouth odor.
  • Smoking habits also can make the breath of people who smoke become unpleasant. So many dangers of smoking, otherwise it will cause your mouth and tasted sour smell of tobacco at any time.
  • Canker sore. The emergence of canker sores can also cause bad breath bad. Immediately treat your canker sores.
  • Forget the breakfast. Do not eat breakfast habit can cause unpleasant mouth odor. Supposed to make sure the toothbrush after breakfast.
  • Disturbance in the teeth like cavities. Bacteria in dental cavities also cause unpleasant mouth odor. Especially when a toothache, we are lazy toothbrush and incorporate healthy food by mouth due to bear the pain in the teeth.
How to Overcome BREATH
That some of the causes of bad breath that may not be realized. Then how to solve it if we already bad breath? Among the ways to eliminate bad breath you can do is:

Keeping your mouth moist  
A dry mouth is the source of bad breath. Saliva helps to keep your mouth moist and acts as an antiseptic and enzymes that kill bacteria. That's why more smelly breath in the morning because the mouth produces less saliva during sleep. How to keep the mouth moist?  Chewing gum. In addition to cover the smell with some kind of fresh scent, chewing gum also stimulates saliva production. But avoid flavored candy mints, as mints do not encourage saliva production. Choose quality gum. Chewing gum carelessly even cause your teeth ache.

Drink water  
Drink lots of water and use the water to rinse between your teeth sidelines. Water does not always increase saliva production, but it will clean out the mouth and it is good to make your mouth moist.
Dry mouth can be caused by certain medications and medical conditions. Consult your doctor about the medications you are taking and tell me about the side effects of dry mouth.

Frequently rinse to clean up the remnants of a meal on your mouth. You can also use a mouthwash that is hygienic and quality that you can buy on the market.

Keeping the mouth and teeth by means brush your teeth regularly
Brush your teeth regularly is useful to eliminate your bad breath. Try to brush your teeth after every meal regularly.

Stop smoking
Besides bad for health, quitting smoking also reduces unpleasant mouth odor.

Many consume fruits
Fruits that contain vitamin C such as oranges, apples, bananas etc helps fight bacteria in the mouth. In addition to fruits, vegetables such as carrots and celery are also beneficial eliminate bad breath.

Consuming Orange juice or pineapple juice
Before bed, make a glass of orange juice or pineapple juice with warm water. You can add a tablespoon of honey and a little cinnamon to taste delicious. Consuming grapefruit juice or pineapple make your morning wake up with fresh breath.

How to eliminate bad breath naturally above you can do yourself at home. In some existing stores also provide a solution to keep the mouth clean and delicious. You may also be able to try it.

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