How to Prevent Tooth and Mouth Injuries

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Injuries to the teeth and mouth are common. Approximately 80% of dental injuries associated with one or more front teeth and can cause damage to the soft tissues, such as the tongue, lips, and cheeks inside.

At a very young child, injury to the baby teeth are usually the result of learning to walk, and there may also be damage to the permanent teeth that have not grown.
The primary source of dental and oral injuries in adolescents and adults is a sports injury. This is because up to 40% of dental injuries in adolescents and adults occur during exercise.

Tips to Prevent Injuries Dental The Associated With Exercise

Protective Mouth
When exercising, the best way to protect your teeth and mouth is by using a mouth protector.

Protective Face 
This equipment protects the face of the trauma, especially when you hold certain positions in some sports such as baseball catcher or hockey goalie.

It is wise to wear a proper helmet with activities you will do. Although most helmets do not protect the teeth and mouth, but the helmet will protect other important areas, namely your head, to help protect the head against concussions.

Can Dental Release Repaired?
Yes, teeth apart can be improved, and the faster you go to the dentist, the better. The highest possible rescue of a knocked-out tooth is treated physician and returned to the tooth socket within one hour after regardless. If the teeth apart, gently rinse any dirt from the roots and try to put the tooth back into the socket. If not possible, store the tooth in the mouth during a trip to your dentist. If not, keep your teeth apart in the milk until you get to the dentist.

Although your teeth can not be saved, it does not mean you lose your smile. Advances in dentistry today, the implant denture can be plugged directly into your jaw bone, teeth with porcelain crowns to help in biting, chewing, or aesthetics.

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