How to treat typhoid disease with Herbs

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How to treat typhoid disease nowadays many variations, ranging from medical treatment to the use of natural healing methods. Here I will present the natural treatment of typhoid disease by using herbal ingredients.
Without realizing it, that long before the familiar medical treatment to cure typhoid, earth we provide a wide range of medicinal plants of the largest in all the corners of this beloved country, Indonesia. We can do the treatment of typhoid diseases with herbal ingredients that basic ingredients can be obtained easily in the environment around us, and the main thing is the natural healing herb typhoid able to cure completely without side effects and of course can be obtained without the cost the big one. Here are some herbs that can be used herbs to cure typhoid disease:

1. Earthworm
Earthworms or worms necklace in scientific language has anma Pheretima Aspergillum, has been believed to provide relief against typhoid disease. Of the approximately 1,800 species of worms that te rsebar around the world, there are only two species of worm that is often used as a natural medicine typhoid disease. In the healing of disease typhoid, earthworms or worm necklace work of the two sides, which kills the bacteria that cause typhoid and lowering.

The bacteria that cause typhoid disease is salmonella and earthworms have anti-bacterial protein that can inhibit the growth of gram-negative bacteria Escherichia coli, Shigella dysenterica, Staphylococcus aureus and salmonella thypi. Earthworms have a very remarkable efficacy in curing various types of chronic diseases and non-chronic one typhoid disease. Recipes Making Water Worm That Can Help Cure Diseases Tipes

Ingredients per 1/2 cup or 100cc:
  • Worms necklace (can be found in moist soil) 5 tails,
  • Eggs chicken / duck egg 1biji,
  • 2sendok eat honey,
  • Centella asiatica (Antanan) to taste.
Processing Method:
  • Wash worms necklace to clean, remove the dirt, leaving only skin deep.
  • Blend until smooth with gotu kola if necessary add a little water just to help when the blender.
  • For egg chicken / duck, take only yolks saa, whisk until frothy, when in input shake mix kola worms that have been refined earlier, and then add the honey also added a little warm water.
  • Drink healing herbs regularly typhus, typhoid disease healing that you are complaining will go faster.
2. Leaves Keji porcelain
  • Leaves nasty shard 20lemar,
  • 2 liters of water.
How To Make:
  • Boil the leaves nasty shard to a boil, let stand for 1/4 hour.
  • Remove and let cool.
  • Drink 2 × 1 day.
  • Perform routine.
3. Turmeric, Lemongrass, Sambiloto
  • Turmeric rhizome 2
  • Lemongrass 1 hump,
  • Bitter leaf 1 lembarAir cook 1 cup warm.
Turmeric and lemongrass is a kind of spice that has many benefits. In addition to adding flavor dishes, both material herbs also have benefits as a natural healer typhoid. If you have a complaint disease typhoid, do not hesitate and immediately do the treatment, how to create a natural herb medicine typhoid disease is very easy, you can try it yourself at home.

How To Make:
  • Mash and smooth pee all the ingredients.
  • Then add water and filtered.
  • Drink the potion.
  • Perform routine for one week.
4. Sea Cucumbers
Sea Sea Cucumber is one of the herbs that can be used to cure typhoid. Perhaps among us have to ask, why the sea cucumbers can cure the disease typhoid in a relatively short time?

Sea Sea Cucumber we use to cure typhoid disease is golden sea cucumber Stichopus variegatus golden sea cucumber species that are the best in the world that contains Gamapeptide, protein, collagen, minerals, omega3, omega9, bio-active element, glucosaminoglycans, and other nutrients superbly clinically tested 3x speed up the process of healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, regenerate damaged cells and actively to reduce the heat as typhoid symptoms.

5. Cucumber
  • Cucumber 2 pieces
  • Cucumbers are not only good to be used as fresh vegetables or natural ingredients to remove black spots acne scars, but also can be used to cure typhoid. How to make the herbs quite easy, because you only need to grate the cucumber, squeeze, take the water. Drink 3 x 1 day.
6. Pumpkin Water, lote Upas, Leaf Legs Horse, Caraway leaves, Sugar Stone
  • Fruit gourds 3 fingers,
  • Bidara policeman half finger,
  • Quarter horse foot leaves handheld,
  • Caraway leaves handheld quarter, and
  • Sugar cubes for a hazelnut.
Concocting ways:
  • These materials are washed and then boiled in 3 cups water and simmer for about five minutes.
  • The water is filtered and then taken 3 times a day 1 cup.
7. Aloe Vera, Cocor Duck, Powder, lote Upas, Palm Sugar
Aloe vera leaves a quarter of stem, leaf cumin handheld quarter, eight pieces of duck bill leaves, rhizomes kencur one finger, lote policeman quarter fingers, three fingers and palm sugar 3 cups boiling water for 5 minutes. filtered water and drink 3 times a day half a glass.

8. Centella asiatica, Sambiloto Leaf, Turmeric
  • Gotu kola 20 sheets
  • 11 sheet of bitter leaf
  • Turmeric of chicken eggs 1 seed
Concocting ways:
  • Turmeric Peel, wash and slice into small pieces.
  • Furthermore, boiled all the ingredients with the remaining 4 cups water to about 3 cups.
  • Remove and strain.
  • Drink the potion after meals, three times a day, each 1 cup.
9. Bitter Leaves, Leaves Dadap SREP
  • 17 sheet of bitter leaf,
  • Leaves dadap srep 7 pieces.
Concocting ways:
  • Mash the ingredients until smooth.
  • Add 2/3 cup water and mix potions typhoid disease until well blended.
  • Apply herb in the abdomen. 
  • Apply 2 times a day.
That present information regarding the treatment of diseases with herbal ingredients herbal safe and natural. Recognize the signs or symptoms of typhoid disease as early as possible and immediately did treatment with Herbal Remedy For People with typhoid which has supplied natural for us.

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