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If you previously been treated the same Easy Way to Remove Hair Branching on this occasion, I will discuss the problems of dry hair.
Hair Care
There may be among your or your friend who initially had beautiful hair suddenly become dry and brittle, there are several factors that cause hair to become dry and damaged. Before I discuss the core of this topic, it helps you know factor contributing to dry on the hair:

Causes of Dry Hair
  • Exposed to direct sunlight for long periods
  • Frequent use of hair dye or commonly referred to as hair color 
  • Often swim without use hair coverings or conditioner 
  • Using a shampoo or hair care incorrect or not in accordance with the criteria of your hair
  • Too as Bleacing, dyeling and permed
  • frequent hair washing 
  • Rub the hair too hard
Dry Hair Care Tips Natural

Use a conditioner after you wash your hair the goal that becomes more humid, the factors of hair dryness is due to the lack of moisture in your hair. Things to consider in using conditioner is make sure there is no rest when you rinse conditioner. Do this at least 1 weeks once.

Regular mayonnaise made for a nice mix of groceries turns to make the hair becomes soft and keep kada oil on your hair, because mayonnaise contains fatty acids.

For how use, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise on all of your hair, then wrap the hair with a shower cap or hot towel, let stand for 15 minutes, then can by using a shampoo and warm water.

Olive Oil
Apply zaitu oil throughout your hair, leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse using a shampoo and warm water. Do this 2 weeks 1 time.

Aloe Vera
In addition to discolor and can make your hair becomes thick, using aloe vera can also improve your hair dry. For how to use it, take 1 piece of aloe vera, peel the skin, then rub the meat tongue charge to your hair and scalp, leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse using a shampoo.

Vitamin B
For treatment of the your body should consume foods containing vitamin B, or you also can buy vitamins at the pharmacy. For foods containing vitamin B are eggs, nuts and bananas. Food was xylophone sought instead? or even you really like the food vitamin B.

Apple Vinegar
The content contained in apple vinegar, can make your hair becomes finer. For how penggunaaanya mix apple cider vinegar + water + wheat germ oil. Apply to all your hair and let sit for 15 minutes and rinse your hair without using shampoo. Use this way 2 times a day.

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