Natural Solutions for Pregnancy Headaches

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Natural Solutions for Pregnancy Headaches ~ Many pregnant women complain of headache, whereas before pregnancy rarely or never experienced it. Or for those who before pregnancy is often a headache, why headaches during pregnancy is increasingly being perceived? is this normal?
Headaches are common during pregnancy, especially during pregnancy first trimester. Type of headache that is often experienced is the tension headache. It will feel like headaches as a squeezing pain or pressing on both sides of the head or the back of the neck. If before pregnancy you like headaches then when pregnant it would be worse.

So what causes headaches during pregnancy be increased?
In the non-pregnant state, headaches in women is usually also caused by hormones, such as before menstruation and menopause. Headaches can be worse in a few weeks of pregnancy, but will usually improve or even stop completely if stepped on the sixth month of gestation.

The influence of this hormone is still a strong suspicion, while experts do not know exactly why pregnant women often experience headaches. This happens because the hormone progesterone, which supports pregnancy has the effect of increasing blood volume and circulation, especially in early pregnancy. It's good for the pregnancy but no less good for the head.

But also keep in mind, the cause of headaches during pregnancy Others include lack of sleep or fatigue, nasal congestion, allergies, eye strain, stress, depression, hunger, and dehydration. Knowing this is very important in order to find a permanent solution.

So How Can Overcome Headache During Pregnancy? 
A principle that: To solve health problems or complaints in pregnant women we preferred to use natural means or non-chemical drugs. This is important, because some of the drugs is bad side effects on the fetus. Here's How to Cope with Pregnancy Headaches Effective and Safe:
  • Avoid triggers. As mentioned above some certain foods or beverages may be a trigger of headaches, observe and avoid if it had been found.
  • Lightweight sport. Make walking the morning or evening as your daily routine, if necessary, also do aerobic exercise or pregnancy exercise.
  • Reduce stress. Find a smart way to deal with stress in your life, because it is a lot of influence on your health.
  • Eat a little but often. It aims to maintain levels of blood sugar that is stable, due to a spike in blood sugar that suddenly after eating at the same time will trigger a lot of headaches.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. This is to treat dehydration and improve health.
  • Enough sleep. Fatigue and lack of sleep can cause headaches during pregnancy. Set the sleep schedule sleep and wake up every day.
In addition to helping overcome, the above steps can also prevent headaches during pregnancy.

If the headache is currently being attacked, then do the following things:
  • Break. Lie down in a dark, quiet place with your eyes closed.
  • Use compress. Apply warm compresses (such as a hot towel) to the face, eyes and forehead - or try a cold compress on the back of the neck.
  • Massage. Ask someone to massage the shoulders and neck to relieve tension.
If that was not enough to relieve a headache, then it is allowed to take medicine but choose safe drugs such as acetaminophen (paracetamol), use it occasionally. However, if the above steps do not help, see a doctor and discuss about additional treatment options other more potent for headache during pregnancy.

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