Natural Tips to Prevent Aging

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As we get older the body will experience the aging process, tissue elastin and collagen in the skin begins to weaken so it looks diminished skin elasticity and emerging signs - the signs of aging, such as wrinkles. But aging does not only occur in old age, young age was apparently already be experiencing the aging process.
Premature aging is a term used to describe the aging process that occurs before time. Someone said to premature aging if when she looks older than his actual age. the people skin may experience signs of premature aging from the age of 22 or 23 years. At this age, signs of premature aging that can arise among others, the fine lines on the face area starting around the eyes and mouth, and there are also spots - brown colored spots on the area around the face.

Observe Causes of Aging
Premature aging is actually happening because of human behavior, here are some things that can cause premature aging:

Direct sun exposure 
based on the research of the sun consists of two ultraviolet spectrum, namely UVA and UVB broadcasting. UVA rays can damage the skin so elastisistas and humidity appeared fine lines, wrinkles and skin feels dry. UVB rays can increase the production of melanin in the skin to form spots - dark spots and skin color becomes darker.

Smoking many substances-toxic substances that can damage body tissue and inhibits blood circulation around the face, so as to accelerate the formation of wrinkles also makes the face look dull.

Alcoholic beverages 
Alcohol has diuretic properties that is able to draw fluid from the body and throw it with urine. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol will cause dehydration and skin look dry and dull.

Poor diet 
food many trans fats, foods containing refined carbohydrates, and too much sugar such as fast food, fried potatoes, fatty meats, sweet cakes in excessive amounts will damage the collagen in the skin.

Many studies have shown that stress caused by such things as: prolonged depression, often holed up, long-term unemployment, anxiety and so can accelerate the aging process by shortening the length of each strand of DNA in the cells of the body.

How to Overcome and Prevent Aging
Experience the aging process is a natural thing and certainly experienced, but experience premature aging is not a natural thing and should be prevented started early. There are several ways that can be used to prevent premature aging, namely by:

Avoid direct sun exposure 
should use an umbrella, hat, sunglasses, long clothes and sunscreen SPF 15 at the time of the move in the open space

Stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol 
start early immediately quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol, because fewer benefits than the disease.

Drinking lots of water
water can keep the body hydrated can help toxins from the body, therefore sebayak drink 8 glasses of water a day to prevent dry skin.

Consumption of fruits high in antioxidants
antioxidants are beneficial for the body to fight free radicals that come from poor diet, and a variety of smoke and air pollution. Source of antioxidants can be obtained from pomegranate, dragon fruit, and fruit - other fruits are generally colored red

Consumption of green vegetables 
green leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach contains a lot of lutein which also functions as an antioxidant
Consumption of honey: Honey contains a lot of protein and vitamins that can provide nutrients for skin cell rejuvenation

Doing regular exercise 
with exercise blood flow will be smooth, cell - cell and regenerate the body becomes active through sport impurities and toxins from the body can also be wasted with sweat.

Manage stress
When there are a lot of thought or stress, try to remain calm, perhaps the positive things such as gardening, walking, reading magazines, solemn worship, can help you reduce stress thus becomes important to prevent premature aging.

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