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For those of you who have long become a blogger of course it is a pity if your blogging activity does not produce a definite advantage. Although there are some bloggers that aims for fun aja, or just share information, but like the proverbial "Diving while drinking water" of course it would seem a pity if nothing is done.

Plus, if you manage a blog ayng already generating thousands of visitor traffic, this course will be very fond, if not used as a farm business. In addition to the capital that is not too large, business or business you run through blogging, you can do at home and not every time. This means that your main job will not be interrupted because of blogging.
However, not a few bloggers who have decided to become a full time blogger and willing to leave the main job. They prefer to become a full time blogger and focus on his blog. It was proven, and many bloggers who have been successful from the blogs they manage as Blog dollars, Linda ikeji, Eka Lesmana, habibie afsyah and other bloggers. So, what are the different types of business it ?, following explanation.

1. Business affilasi
Still are you familiar with Habibie Afsyah ?, if I certainly will never forget is the motivator. He never gave up with its limitations, as evidenced by the persistence and seriousness, eventually habibie afsyah affilasinya successful business.

2. Business PPC Advertising
If this has been a lot of bloggers are using it. Although it is still Adsense memengang record, but there are still many other PPC also could be an option as kliksaya, XLink, infolinks, adstar and others. PPC advertising business is still the main target, because the process is extremely easy, we just wait for the results click on and ready to receive money, unlike affilasi. However, there are certainly advantages and disadvantages of each.

3. SEO Services and Review
For SEO services, you must be an expert in the field of SEO and this is certainly a bit difficult especially for bloggers like me. However, if you want to learn, it is not likely you will be a master SEO in the future. In addition to SEO services, you can also choose a service review as I do, only on the condition that you manage a blog where you have to make sure traffic blog, alexa and a sufficient number of visitors.

4. Install a personal ad
This blog at least 4-5 mampang ads and those ads PPC ads, but the ads are not personal. Advantages of each installation depends on the level of traffic to your blog, the greater the traffic, the greater the advertised pay each month to you.

5. MLM Business
MLM or Multi Level Marketing has long I've known both offline and online. Many successful of these businesses as Anne Ahira famous with asian brain. However, running a business is in need of a high level of seriousness, if not, then the MLM business you run will end tragically heehee.

6. Remove the author Services
Differences services of a freelance writer with a review of services is on a publication. If the review would be to publish on your own blog, while freelance writer will be published at the advertise that you want the services. Generally, the services of a freelance writer is accomplished by multiple levels such as the quality of writing, the number of posts and the number of articles that will be paid at a certain time.

7. Business online store
Currently the online store has mushroomed. Many are turning to the online store owner. The simple reason is the lack of capital out to pay for the place, because online stores do not charge rent. In addition, the online store is also very effective at this time given the number of consumers who are always surfing the internet with gadgets and computers have become necessities of life that can not be avoided.

^^ For me, the kind of business that is really easy and not spend a lot of capital and time-consuming is the business field of PPC and affilasi, but personally I was challenged to an online store business plan which is currently still planning ahead, hopefully materialize yes, amiiin ,

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