6 of the Oldest Trees in the World

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Plant is part of the living things that exist in this world. Moreover, the existence of the plant is very important for nature and people, a small sample of the benefits of the plant is a daily necessity that became the material for human consumption, in addition to the plant also serves to protect the ecosystem of the universe.

Do you know if some plants capable of hundreds of years old and even thousands of years and even more than that. Well, for this occasion, will explain some of the plants that have so long lifespan of up to hundreds or even thousands of years are summarized in five of the oldest plants in the world. What are these plants ?, please read more below!.

1. Posidonia oceanica
Posidonia oceanica
To first order, the plant Posidonia oceanica be the oldest plant in the world at the age of 200. 000 years. Reported that Posidonia oceanica has beaten the previous record of plants Tanzania is believed to enter the first of the oldest plants in the world.

2. Lomatia tasmanica
Lomatia tasmanica
Tasmania is the oldest plant the next. This plant has 43. 600 years old. The main characteristic of this plant is the pink shiny. These plants bloom, but even flowering, tasmania can produce fruit and seeds. To find these plants, you can find out in the wild life of the world.

3. Gaylussacia brachycera or box huckleberry
Gaylussacia brachycera
Gaylussacia is a plant that is native to North America. This plant was included in the family of blueberry plants. It has been estimated that the plant is 13,000 years old.

4. Larrea tridentata or creosote bush
Larrea tridentata
Plants that occupy the position 4 is Larrea tridentata or creosote bush. Plants that are often found in this American desert 11,000 years old. In addition to the oldest plants, apparently these plants also serve as a natural substance to be used as a herbal medicine.

5. Populus tremuloides
Populus tremuloides
Populus tremuloides is a plant that can reach 25 meters and even more than that. In addition to height, age is fairly old plant up to 10,000 years. These plants can be encountered in the north American country.

6. Picea mariana
Picea mariana
Fir plants originating from the northern part of North America. These plants can reach the age of 1,800 years.

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