How to take your baby's temperature

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Having a baby is a gift for a mother the most beautiful.Moreover, if it can give birth to a normal delivery, so it feels how the fight to be called as a mother. Because it is still experiencing growth and development, the baby's body does not easily understand the condition. However, you can control it by knowing the range of normal body temperature normal baby A baby had a temperature in the range of a maximum of 37 degrees, a figure that is quite fantastic is not it? This figure is above the minimum temperature of the adult body. However, you should be wary if a baby has exceeded the lift.
Because the baby is difficult to say the condition of the body and is often expressed by crying, do not be mistaken for a baby who does not cry is healthy. Some cases showed that babies who do not cry likely bring severe congenital disease. This usually occurs in babies born prematurely. Babies born before even 7 months will have the body vulnerable to disease.

Knowing How Fast Normal Body Temperature Babies
If the normal human body temperature is in the range of 35 to 36 degrees Celsius, the infant also shows a figure not far. Figures normal baby's body temperature is in the range of 30 degrees Celsius. But it is impossible not to always stick a thermometer in the baby so it makes it uncomfortable? Easy steps to know the baby's body temperature is normal during breastfeeding. Baby part of her face pressed to the nipple is not? This is where you can know. In addition, on the baby's tongue child also feels hot and rough when the baby's body temperature to increase.

Thing you should consider is if the infant has experienced an increase in temperature in the range above 38 degrees Celsius, it must be given medical treatment by a physician. It would be dangerous if temperature has exceeded the normal temperature range of the baby's body; for example above 38 degrees Celsius or below 30 degrees. There may be a virus or bacteria that interfere with health. Do not underestimate the body temperature is not normal in your baby.

How to Restore Normal Body Temperature In Infants
Questions the mothers of course how to restore the baby's body temperature is not normal, either too low or too high. In general, to measure human body temperature is normal in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. But to suggest the baby in the morning and it is better to use only an electric thermometer. In addition to more accurate, this does not last long and the child becomes impaired. You do not need to panic in order to reduce back to normal temperature of the human body. Simply by giving a compress on the forehead, if less quickly, can the body folds and better use warm water.

It's important to maintain normal body temperature in your baby yourself, because prolonged fever and left untreated will make the condition worse. For adults, the temperature is not normal may be a sign of chronic disease, especially for babies.

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