5 Manure that in Make Food and Beverages

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The food is a lot of his type of animal origin, but what if the food and drink was made from animal excrement? The following is excerpted from is the sixth best-selling animal waste used as food and beverages in the world.

1. Honey ants
In addition there are also ants bees which can produce honey, ants Honey (Honey Pot Ant) or the Latin language Myrmecocystus, these ants are fed by the worker ants with the exhaust digestive Aphid (Insect Leaf) called "honey". This substance is actually not related to ordinary honey. However, the waste digestion these fleas that feed on plant sap, so named because it contains a high proportion of sugar. This ant species are found in Australia, where the aborigines often dig up the ground in search of honey this ant.

2. Swallow Bird
Who would have never heard of bird's nest? As we already know, the original nest swiftlets are very expensive price. And until now we know also that the price of bird's nest was expensive to reach 20 million / kilo, but now it comes down to price and not 5 million. Generally, swallow nest is presented in the form of soup. And we can find in a restaurant - Chinese restaurant.

Actually, consumption swallow nest is not new. In fact, already since the 14th century, the bird's nest is used as food. In China, the birds' nest soup (birdnest soup) are a favorite food of kings and nobles. And according to a story that is still outstanding until now the Emperor Ming is very fond of this one soup. Perhaps because the story or myth that, then swallow nest soup food was used as a symbol of luxury and prestigious and very expensive. But besides that reportedly swallow nest is also very good for health.

3. Luwak / ferrets 
This one likes to eat animals coffee, because coffee is very hard then only skin deep ingested by these animals were the seeds will remain intact. The discovery of the origin of civet coffee is the first time the colonial era all the coffee harvest should be submitted to the Netherlands so that farmers are not allowed to drink coffee. Our forefathers took the droppings of civet to have coffee, and it turns out the coffee flavor is more delicious civet droppings.

4. Panda
Panda really animal carrier blessing for the Chinese people. A former teacher who utilizes panda dung tea farming produce high quality crops. The products are priced as 'organic tea panda dung' is hunted in spite of the price up to USD 200 (equivalent to USD 1.9 million) percangkir. An Yanshi, which has now become an entrepreneur in southwest China, tea farm in Ya'an, mountains of Sichuan province using tons of excrement of pandas living in captivity centers nearby.

The first batch of panda dung tea is sold as much as 50 grams. Most people use about 3 grams of tea per cup. "I thank heaven and earth to bless us with tea panda," said the 41-year-old man in a weekend event to promote the tea. "I just want to convey a message to the world community to turn trash into something useful, and culture of recycling and using organic fertilizers.

According to An, panda dung is very fertile and safe. Because the pandas only eat wild bamboo and absorb only a fraction of the nutrients in their food. "They were like rotating machine, and the is an organic fertilizer," he said. "They keep eating and they keep producing feces."

5. Coffee Elephant
This coffee comes from residual waste products elephant. Coffee inventor Blake where are currently no elephant dung mixed with coffee to be collected. He explained that it takes 33 kg of raw coffee to produce 1 kg of coffee elephant. Because very strong digestive elephants so much coffee. coffee has reached 10 million.

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