how to care for the house wall

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The walls serve as a cover and protector for the occupants of the house minimalist . The wall is made of various materials, such as bamboo, wood, brick, and concrete blocks. There is even a wall composed of a collection of glass bottles. Whatever type of material forming the walls of the house, you still need to exercise care. Without treatment the walls of your house will be broken. Here's how to maintain the walls of your home:
how to care for the house wall
1. Clean the wall of dust with a broom. If still no dirt can not be removed by swept, you can use a cloth that has been soaked in water. Next, rub on the wall until it is clean. If you see moss on the wall then immediately clean. Moss can be spread to other parts of the wall and make a porous wall.

2. For walls of wood or bamboo, when the installation process, try to give the bearing a stone or cast. So that the walls are not directly in contact with the ground. And give termite-proof coating.

3. For a wall of bricks, do in all parts of the walls. This makes the treatment of your wall will be easier. When you need to paint the walls of your house to make it look attractive.

4. Be careful when installing a nail in the wall, try not to make your house walls cracked. Because cracks could cause the walls of your house collapsed.

5. Do not rely items too heavy on the walls. This is to avoid that the wall is not tilted or collapsed.

Interesting material made Wall
To add your insight on the wall, below are some interesting materials to make wall:

1. Glass bottles former
The same color and shape of the bottle arrangement makes the walls look interesting.

2. Canned beverages
The walls of beverage cans make the house look more unique.

3. Dirt animals
Requires special processing to be formed like a brick.

4. Waste Paper
Take advantage of waste paper to be used as bricks.

5. bricks recycling
Milled bricks that have been damaged and reprint be brick.

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