How to care for Laptop for durability and remain durable

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Laptops are technological devices that currently can not be separated from human activity, it's because the laptop is a tool that is always there in every activity, such as offices, schools, banks and other places.

So the laptop remains resistant and durable, it needs extra care and maintenance so that the laptop is not quickly broken. If the laptop is not treated, it often happens is damage to both the laptop and software hadware position.
If the position of the defective software or error, it is not so alarming, because to fix it does not cost too much, but if hadware damaged, so be prepared to spend a great and always unpredictable.

Therefore, for those of you who do not want a fast laptop is damaged, please see the tips that I will present in the following summary Laptop How to care for durability and remain durable.

1. Use time efficiently
The use of laptops in its operation must be according to the rules and standards in general. Operate your laptop longest 2-4 hours, after that, give it time to rest 20-45 minutes. It is useful to prevent over hat or heat on the laptop. Hot on the laptop is not going to effect faster, but if left unchecked, then over time the laptop parts will be damaged, especially on the hardiks.

2. Use an external fan
To prevent the laptop from over a hat, then use a cooling fan or an additional fan which serves to prevent the occurrence of heat on the laptop. Laptop heat can affect performance, with additional fans, work processes laptop will always be stable and normal.

3. Efficiency sleep and shut down
Through experience I had, a laptop that I use now never replace the hard drive. Cause my laptop to be replaced hardisk because my laptop let alone die alone while there are still some data to work. Although these habits a long time, but over time, I can not stand the laptop hard drive and heat that eventually have to be replaced.

Well, for those of you who want to operate a laptop breaks, you should use the sleep feature if resting only 10-20 minutes, but use shut down if you break reached 1-3 hours.

4. Clean of dust
Although seem trivial, but if the dust that stuck to the outside of the laptop continues to be, of course, dust will accumulate, if so it is likely that the dust will damage the inside of the laptop and the laptop slowing stability during operation.

5. Use anti-virus
Anti-virus serves to protect hardware devices such as laptops against viruses that damage, slow down even making the total dead laptop. To the right anti virus you can choose like Avira. 

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