Benefits of Betel Leaf For Acne Misbehaving

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Benefits of Betel Leaf For Acne - betel leaves you know during this beneficial to health and healing cough is usually done by those who passed. Betel leaf is useful for inhibiting bleeding, strengthens teeth, to overcome the body and mouth odor, itching, bleeding, ulceration and whitish. That's because the leaves contain an antiseptic substance that can kill germs. In addition, the betel leaf proved beneficial for treating acne. Where betel leaf plays an important role in skin health. Acne is a major problem for both men and women. By various means finding suitable cure for this problem, but often there is not work and there were successful with all the risks include skin irritation. Actually, by using betel leaves, the problem of acne on the face may be resolved soon. Needless to special products with high prices, which offers all the convenience but harmful side effects.
Betel leaves contain a substance that plays an important role as an agent eugenol has the function of anti-fungal capable of inhibiting the growth or development of cells that cause acne. Then antibacterial substances useful for preventing the growth of acne due to adverse microbial cells that interfere with the metabolism of facial skin and the last is a antiseptic substance that is capable of directly killing bacteria or germs that cause acne and black spots acne scars.

Efficacy And Benefits Betel Leaves For Acne
Here are some benefits of betel leaf for acne and black spots are accompanied by how it is used, among other things:

1. First prepare a few pieces of betel leaf that has been washed clean. Then until smooth, and pour 2 cups hot water wear. Let stand until you feel cold, then the material is ready to use to wash your face directly. With you do it regularly 2-3 times a day, then over time you will clean the face of the name of acne. Remember! do regularly and consistently to get maximum results.

2. The second way is by mixing the betel leaf with ginger. It is also effective in overcoming your acne problem. The trick is to 10 pieces of betel leaf and a piece of ginger, then the ingredients are boiled use 4 cups of water and let it boil. If the remaining 2 cups already visible, immediately to turn off your stove. Wait a while until the water is warm. 1 cup of the cooking now can you take regularly 1-2 times a day. Fitting is done in the morning and before bed at night. You could do it on a regular basis to get rid of your acne.

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