Causes and How to Overcome Pain

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Back pain often we experience the effect is very disturbing your daily activities in general complaint of back pain intimately linked to the structure and function of the spine. spine is composed of several segments that form a unified function so that it can perform the movement, the movement that we want to run activities in your daily life.
Causes and How to Overcome Pain
Judging from the waist have functional innervation that can take pain, all the processes that can lead to pull, tear or pressure on certain parts can result Pain. pain and stiffness in the waist on the morning felt for many years old will creeping up the spine that can lead to more rigid backs and backs into a hunchback.

Causes of back pain due to their mechanical interference on the structure and unity of function of the spinal motion or posture is wrong when bending and lifting loads or goods, use shoes with high heels for normal spinal lumbar region has a curvature to the front, when the arch to the front of the excessive will cause symptoms of pain.

Lack of exercise also causes lumbago article of flexibility of joints and muscle tissue go down so easily injured because of a simple movement. Back pain can also be caused by the influence of a disease such as heart disease, cancer, bone disease, or metabolic disorders.

How to Cope with Pain

Exercise Sports
Sport is very important to reduce pain / back pain by strengthening stretching the muscles that support the spine and help prevent injury, in sports you can do a short walking distance or swim.

Lose weight
Losing weight can also be a pain reliever article of getting your body weight, waist will go the extra mile to support the weight.

Hit by Injury
It is advisable for you when exposed to injury using an ice pack on the injured area did compresses for 20 minutes.

massage therapy
Massage therapy is very good at doing to prevent muscle tension waist, the benefits of massage therapy for improved circulation, helps relieve muscle pain, and increases endorphins (hormones produced by the body as natural painkillers).

Warm Water bath
Warm water can reduce back pain in a way to relax the muscles, making the muscles become relaxed and smooth the blood so that the back pain will recover soon.

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