How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast naturally

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Having a hemorrhoid is very painful, even downright excruciating. Starting from the uncomfortable seating until the pain during defecation (BAB). Although not a disease that can make death, but for hemorrhoid sufferers really feel disturbed.
How Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally
Piles or hemorrhoids are also referred to as a result of the widening due to the symptoms of the veins around the anal area. Hemorrhoid itself is subdivided into two types, ie external and internal hemorrhoids. For external hemorrhoids, to be located outside the hole anus. While internal hemorrhoids, to be located around the rectum and hemorrhoids this type can sometimes turn into an external hemorrhoids if the swelling is too severe. Both, equally tormented and suffering for the sufferer.

Hemorrhoid Causes

Sitting Too Long
Typically office workers who often sat more prone to hemorrhoids

Constipation is Too Old
Your stool is too hard can lead to hemorrhoids because of the stool you need louder and the pressure in the anus is too narrow holes. So that your veins prone to swelling.

Although rare hemorrhoids because of heredity, but there are some discoveries that prove if the hemorrhoids can also be caused by heredity.

At the time of pregnancy
It is also often found in pregnant women because of the increasing age of the fetus as the pressure on the lower part of the mother increases. Moreover, if the mother is often straining during bowel movements

Prolonged diarrhea
Diarrhea is too long to make the anus no longer elastic and more prone to hemorrhoids.

Too often Straining
Typically done when dirt straining too hard and need the pressure to push the stool out. Well due to frequent bowel resulting in the veins prone to swelling.

Hemorrhoid symptoms
  • Pain in the anus, this is a common symptom that is often encountered, if you already feel the pain section anus, immediately see a doctor.
  • Bleeding in the rectum, if it starts to bleed mean you've actually had a hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids.
  • Anemia, due to frequent blood out during defecation also makes you have anemia
  • Itching, gatl when exposed hemorrhoids are usually caused by a bacteria that is attacking your rectal area and make you feel itchy.
How to Treat Hemorrhoids
Consuming fibrous food
Fibrous foods found in many vegetables and fruits as well as seaweed.

Drink Enough Water
Enough water in your body can help digestion digest.

Do not Sit Too Long
If you must sit for a long time because of a demand, then you can work around this by resting two hours for 15 minutes. Also, make sure your chair seat should be in hard circumstances.

Do Straining
Try to do too strong straining during defecation, to try to get around do not hold your bowel movements because it can make your stool hardens.

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