Down 5 Kg Of Week Only? Try Juice It

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Who would not want to have an ideal body and slim? The ideal body shape will be easier for women to choose clothes that will be worn. The ideal weight is also not only pleasing to the eye, you know. A balanced weight will make you more healthy and away from diseases.
Down 5 Kg Of Week Only?  Try Juice It
Well, this time Health For You will try to bring the easy ways to lose weight. You can even lose up to 5 kg of fat in just one week alone. Let's refer to her secret recipe as has been reported by the

  • 3 tablespoons of carrot juice
  • 3 tbsp cucumber juice
  • 1 tsp flax seed
How to make:
  • Enter the carrots in a blender and take the juice.
  • Do the same on the cucumber.
  • Enter flax seed and puree in a blender.
  • Mix the three ingredients together.
  • This healthy drink you can consume.
Drink a glass of this juice every morning when stomach is empty. The combination of carrot juice, cucumber juice and flaxseed is known to help you lose weight effectively. This natural blend rich in antioxidants that increase metabolic rate. It will increase the body's fat burning capacity. Besides these juices will dissolve the accumulation of fat in the arteries and prevent certain disorders. This drink will help curb your appetite.

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