The natural way to eliminate Moles quickly and easily without surgery

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In normal cases, the mole actually not be a thing to be feared, because the number of normal moles are not many. Even in other cases, moles also have a positive impact on the appearance, for example, a mole that is located just below the lip or near the eyes that can only be a certain hallmark.
However, what if the mole numerous ?, of course it would be very annoying, especially if a large number that are on the face you. For those of you who want to remove moles naturally without surgery or go to a dermatologist, there is nothing wrong if you follow these tips, which are summarized in a natural way to eliminate moles quickly and easily without surgery.

1. Eliminate moles with Honey
Anyone believe that honey is a natural ingredient that favors the thousands of benefits, especially for health. Therefore, honey can be used as an alternative that can remove moles naturally. Very easy to use, just to rub it in places that there are moles evenly. Do it regularly and every day until the mole is gone.

2. Eliminate moles with Lime
Lemon is a natural substance that is believed to remove moles. The use of lime to remove moles is quite easy, you just applying lime previously split into parts of the body of existing moles. However, for take process, should be done slowly, because if it is too loud, it can cause the skin to become thinner.

3. Remove the mole with Garlic
The content of the garlic was able to remove moles. Prepare materials in-danger in the form of one clove of garlic and then ground into powder. Furthermore, garlic paste to the affected part was a mole. Preferably, do this at night and leave it until all the next day.

^^ Actually there are many natural ingredients that can be used to remove moles, but so many sources that I received, three natural ingredients above are being ranked and most recomen, especially the use of honey is very powerful if done regularly.

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