Health benefits Fruit juice

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Our bodies need food options are set properly. Food consumed only by taste, of course, will not be able to meet those needs. Therefore, the daily diet we should be composed of various elements such as vitamins , nutrients and minerals.
Fruit juice
One type of ideal foods we should consume are fruits. Our lives will feel happier when we often consume the fruit regularly. This is possible because the fruit is able to alleviate depression and stress.

Nutrition and Vitamins Outstanding
Fruit is also a natural nutrient for health and capable of treating various kinds of diseases. In fact, when the fruit is produced without pesticides excessively, then he does not need to be processed. In other words we can eat it directly.

However, it would be highly efficacious and faster process if the fruits that we make juice. In addition to rapid processing, it's also more enjoyable if the fruit in juice, especially if mixed with fruits or other ingredients.

Vitamins and minerals contained in the fruit is very beneficial for our health. The fruit has a content of vitamin A (beta carotene), C and E, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, as well as folic acid. Vitamin A can maintain the skin's structure, kesehjatan eyes, hair, and teeth . While vitamin E can prevent heart disease, cancer, stroke, and other viral infections.

Basically fruit is free of cholesterol, terlali much cholesterol in the body can certainly lead to negative impacts on health, and therefore to make cholesterol in the body to remain stable it is necessary to consume the fruit regularly.

Treating Various diseases
Fruit enriched with various substances that can prevent and treat various diseases, such as cancer that can be treated with therapy fruit juice. To overcome cancer, we can consume fruits purple and red as tomatoes, strawberries and other fruits. It is due to that the fruit is purple and red contains a lot of lycopene and anthocyanins are powerful to overcome cancer.

The fruit also has a relatively high fiber content can prevent constipation or difficult bowel movements (BAB). In addition, the fruit is also enriched with antioxidant a substance that can neutralize free radicals that contribute to premature aging.

It is clear that many benefits of fruit juice for health, therefore, to anticipate and prevent outside interference and in our bodies, we should keep our body from various diseases by consuming fruit routinely and regularly, to simplify and add flavors, the fruit should be made juices. May be useful !

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