Avoid heartburn sufferers Payer's Food and Beverage

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Heartburn is initially caused by our habit is not good that we do continue. Example lazy morning meal, frequent hunger, excessive stress. In this article I will try to write about eating that should be avoided by people with stomach ulcers.
Gastritis or inflammation of the stomach or gastric ulcer is a disease that attacks the stomach symptoms occur due to injury or inflammation of the stomach which causes pain, heartburn, and sores in the stomach. Broadly speaking, there are two types of ulcer disease, namely:

1. Acute Gastritis
Acute ulcer disease is an inflammatory reaction of the body against microorganisms and foreign bodies marked by heat, swelling, pain, and impaired organ function body.

2. Chronic Gastritis
Chronic gastric ulcer disease patients may experience inflammation (the body's reaction against microorganisms and foreign bodies are characterized by heat, swelling, pain, and impaired organ function) infection from certain types of disorder, which causes gastritis of specific types namely gastritis kronisa.

Food and drinks should be avoided by people with stomach ulcers:

1. Fruits Containing Gas
For those of you who suffer from heartburn should avoid fruits containing gas such as: pineapple, jackfruit. Fruits can increase your stomach acid so increased, so you should not consume.

2. Carbonated Drinks
If you are a hobbyist sodas but you suffer from heartburn, you should drink water habit sparkling stop because you can make your stomach acid levels be increased and make your stomach to be bloated.

3. Drinking Coffee
For those who are regularly drink coffee but had suffered or suffer from ulcer disease, should reduce or drink your coffee you just stop, because the caffeine in coffee can worsen the disorder in your stomach and your heartburn worse.

4. Fried foods
Have ulcer disease prohibition is a lot of them do not eat - fried foods because fried foods also can trigger increased levels of acid your stomach.

5. Tape
You must tell us the tape, well for those of you who do not eat any developing a stomach ulcer tape, because the tape has a high gas content, and make your heartburn quickly relapse.

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