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Nagoro village, which is located off the beaten track in the southern mountainous region of Japan, was once home to hundreds of families. However, currently only 35 people living alone. This is due to aging and death, not comparable with the birth rate.

Now the villagers were wonderful and much of this pollution was replaced with hundreds of dolls. This village became a ghost village is deserted, desolate and here and there only looks great dolls. The village deserted by occupants strange dolls.
As quoted by , Doll was created by an old woman named Tsukimi Ayano and some villagers this ghost to replace its neighbors who have died or left the village.

In 1965, Tsukimi Ayano is one of the young citizens in the village Nagoro. He moved back from Osaka to Nagoro. He came to keep his father's already 85 years old.

"They (the dolls) brings back memories," said Ayano.

He then showed dozens of life-sized dolls crowded the corners of the house.

If you come to this village, certainly we will feel strange, because there are a lot of dolls seukuruan humans occupy an empty house, on the porch of the house, a doll at the bus stop, perched on fences and trees, curled up in the shops, and anywhere.

"Parents used to like drinking sake and storytelling. It reminds me of the past, when they were still alive and healthy, "she said, showing tangible doll old woman.

In general, a child born in Japan fell sharply, while the population experiencing premature aging. Nagoro is one of a number of villages in Japan that became a ghost village, the old village crowded now desolate widowed population.

Schools in the village is closed, the houses and shops deserted locked, closed forever. Lastly, the primary school in the village is closed two years ago.

Japan's population began to decline in 2010 from a peak of 128 million. Without a drastic increase in the birth rate and more and more people are migrating then projected to fall to 108 million by 2050 and to 87 million in 2060.

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