Characteristics of People Potentially Exposed Heart Disease

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The heart is an organ that is very important and vital, for it is mandatory for us to keep in order to be healthy, for example by exercising. Cardiac function is to pump blood that provides nutrition and oxygen to the entire body.
Heart Disease
A healthy heart will work well and the maximum that a person could be a good move, if the performance of the heart is interrupted or longer sick it will make people disrupted activity. At the time this article I will write anyone - anyone who could potentially. If disease you are one of them, then it is expected to be overcome as soon as possible. People Potentially Affected Heart disease:

People who Less Exercise
People who get less physical activity or exercise is less prone to heart disease, it is due to increased bad cholesterol in body. so with exercise will raise cholesterol Good and will suppress the bad cholesterol.

Patients with High Blood Pressure
The increased accumulation of plaque in the arteries so that blood flow create a barrier made of high blood pressure, and are susceptible to heart attack risk.

Smoking can cause you to be suffering from heart disease. The habit of smoking can increase blood pressure and make your body penetrated by toxic chemicals such as nicotine and can damage the arterial wall.

If in the genealogy of your family have a history of heart disease, it could be possible yourself can also be affected by heart disease.

Obesity or Obesity
If have excessive weight of normal size prescribed by a doctor, then the potential for heart disease will exist. 

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