Mint Leaf Chew, How to Quickly Eliminate Bad Breath BREATH

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Anyone can have a bad breath problem, for various reasons. If you realize you have bad breath, it would be better, because you do not need to be ashamed to admit it and do not need to be reminded of others, which may cause embarrassment.
Bad breath can be treated in various ways, and one of them is this one herb, mint leaves. Simply take a few leaves of fresh mint and chewing in the mouth. Then swallow together with little drinking water. Repeat 2-3 times if you still feel the smell of the mouth.

This is an effective way to relieve excessive bad breath. It felt maybe a little weird, but you can immediately see the results. This is because the chlorophyll mint leaves contain compounds that can neutralize the odor and strong antibacterial properties. After chewing, also multiply the drinking water.

Mint leaves can be found in supermarkets in a fresh state or you can buy artisan selling flowers, and the price is not expensive. Mint leaves can also be mixed into your favorite fruit salad or can also be used as a refreshing drink with lemon juice and extra ice cubes.

So, you no longer need to be confused overcome bad breath, if you want a quick way then prepare a mint plant at home, or take a few strands in the lunch box when going out of the house.

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