Why Can not Elephants Jump?

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Many impressions fictional cartoon show agile elephants can jump here and there. But do you know, that the actual conditions at all adult elephant can not jump?

The reason is most readily accepted is because the body of the elephant is too heavy. Just imagine, how much energy it takes to throw a weight of four tons into the air?
Then, how the process of landing that might happen? Very hard to imagine.

The next reason why elephants can not jump is, because they do not need to jump. In other words, there is nothing that requires elephants jump!

Kangaroos, frogs, and other animals jump to avoid predators and find food. While the elephant, they do not have a lot of enemies. Moreover, elephants protect themselves by always in groups and by relying on their very strong physically.

Therefore, the muscles in the legs of elephants are also not designed to be able to jump.

To jump, feet must have a specially designed muscle and joints supple. While the elephant leg muscles are designed to withstand very heavy burden, not to jump.

Joints in elephantiasis also not flexible as the joints in our legs. That is why, although very strong, with relatively slow moving elephant. He "only" can run at a maximum speed of 24 km per hour!

Well, so already know why elephants can not jump? You must be thinking, how ya it feels to have very great strength as an elephant, and can move nimbly? Sure it could be a superhero like in the movies!

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