5 Healthy food for growing children

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One thing that is coveted by many people is to have a high body with an ideal size. In fact, the parents also want their children to have a high body even when the child is still young age.

Therefore, many parents and people who want a high body to consume foods that can make high body quickly.
This is her fifth list of healthy foods that can be consumed to make our body can grow tall quickly without causing side effects that are bad for health.

1 Milk 
Milk is one excellent source of calcium. As we know that milk contains calcium that very much. To get a high body we can consume milk or foods produced from milk. In addition, the milk tastes good, so they can directly appeal to kids. Consumption of milk every day in order to get maximum results and the health of the body can be maintained.

2 Yogurt
The second is yogurt. Yogurt is milk that has fermented. Because yogurt is produced from milk that has a high calcium content. Besides yogurt also contains vitamin D which is essential for the growth of our height. We can also eat yogurt once a day to get the maximum benefit.

3 Egg
The third food that can be consumed to elevate the body is the egg. Eggs are a food that has a very high protein content.

In addition, we can process the eggs into various types of food that can be consumed by anyone.

4 Soy 
The fourth one is soy. We can try to eat soy as a source of vegetable protein are high. In addition, the content of amino contained in soy may help growth to the bones and great for the muscles.

5 Spinach  
The latter is spinach. This one vegetable that contains iron and calcium which is very good for the growth of our body.

Therefore, make sure you eat spinach can also be processed into juice and other food dishes together.

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