Running is One Key to Longevity

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One type of exercise that is pretty much in demand by a lot of people are running. How not to run is very easy to do and does not need to spend a lot of cost. Simply by wearing sports shoes, we can stay started running in different directions that we want. Health experts said if running can provide a lot of benefits for health, including for those who want to lose weight. However, recent studies even indicate if the run will be of great benefit in the form of making people live longer. How could this happen?
Duck-Chul Lee, an assistant professor who came from Iowa University, USA, led a study that is actually intended to seek the benefits of sport to run. He also came to the conclusion that they were routinely run turned out to give a lot of benefits and can make life longer.

Lee said if those who regularly run will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease with very significant. In fact, it is common knowledge if cardiovascular disease can be very deadly. With the growing size of the risk of developing this disease, then of course we will have a life expectancy that is much larger when compared to those who tend to be lazy running.

Running even highly recommended for those who are elderly. How not, the routine run, the elderly will have a body that is much healthier, fitter, and also have better mental health. This is because running also gives the effect of lowering stress, especially when we ran out of the room where a lot of landscapes that can be enjoyed.

Lee also mentioned if running can easily be done anywhere and anytime. If the weather is deteriorating, we can use a treadmill and still get good benefits from running. Meanwhile, if we do not have time during the day, we can also run at night and get the benefits of this sport.

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