Yawning Can Reveal Brain Size

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A study to produce very interesting facts where ever we yawn could be a sign of the weight of our brains and the number of neurons that exist in it, particularly those contained in the outermost layer of the organ that is very important for this body. How could this happen?
This study was conducted by Andrew Gallup and his team derived from Princeton University, United States. Gallup said if in general, the brain will have a weight of about 1,250 to 1,450 grams, the size of which is almost equivalent to 3 pounds. To conduct this research, Gallup initially did not use derived from human brain that he was using the brain that comes from some kind of animal, and then he associate with how long on average these animals evaporates. Uniquely, the calculation of the average time to evaporate, it is also can be applied to humans.

Gallup said if the body size or the anatomical structure of living organisms, either animal or human that turned out to have no effect on the length of time to evaporate. This is evidenced by several animal species that is larger than human beings like gorilla, camel, horse, lion, walrus, and African elephants are likely to evaporate with a shorter time than humans. However, specific to primates, the size of the length of yawning does tend to be longer than mammals considering they have a more complicated brain structure and behavior are much more varied.

Yawning is known to help the brain to perform better circulation and make the temperature colder. Not only that, yawn can improve mental processes in the brain. It is interesting that yawning can also be contagious for promoting collective attention and vigilance together. For this reason we will often come evaporate see others yawn.

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