5 Sports Simple For Busy Mothers At Home

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Have three to four children at different ages and needs at home certainly very keeping you busy, inevitably you have to do everything quickly and effectively. You can not waste a lot of time because there are many things to be done and done.

Your schedule is probably equally crowded with big boss of the company. Then how to exercise in order to keep your body healthy and fit? Conduct the affairs of the house and children alone makes you tired, right?
5 Sports Simple For Busy Mothers At Home
Relax, you do not have to leave the house anyway to be able to exercise. What you need may be just a small room. And you can still exercise even though busy, is how.

Exercise 1: Sit on the edge of the chair. Back straight, stretch both arms forward, pulling his body forward. Hold your stomach muscles and leg muscles. Return to the starting position. Do this several times.

Exercise 2: Lie down with your legs open but the soles of the feet together. Both hands together at the top of the head. Doing sit-ups to train the abdominal muscles. Do everything you can, also set breathing.

Exercise 3: Lie down with legs crossed above the knee. Hands hold the head. Raise your body until your knees, to train the abdominal muscles. Do as much as you can.

Exercise 4: Perform push-ups. Not with legs straight, enough with your knees bent. Do it every day for a bicep curl.

Exercise 5: Stand with a chair in front of you, straighten your legs and lift straight back. This exercise serves to tighten the buttocks and leg muscles.

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