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Everyone would have arrived at a time when they look wrinkled skin, the hair becomes gray, and more often complain of health problems. But others can maintain their health and appearance to old age. What is the recipe?
Various methods are used to keep looking young people, ranging from Botox injections , cosmetic surgery , by taking various medications and supplements. Not infrequently the majority actually bring unwanted side effects. So what should be done as a way to stay young healthy?

Are Products Anti-Aging Really Helpful?
Many drugs and labeled anti-aging beauty products sold in the market. The price is relatively not cheap. Are these products really can prevent and eliminate wrinkles in the face for ever? There is no guarantee of antiaging products with famous brand and expensive though can reduce wrinkles on the face. Here's why:
  • If a product has passed the test of Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM), does not mean the product is definitely beneficial. BPOM only ensure the safety of the products anti-aging beauty, but not its effectiveness. Therefore, there is no guarantee of a cosmetic product can reduce wrinkles on the face. There is no guarantee that the more expensive the price of a product, means that more effective results.
  • Side effects and effectiveness of each product is different for each user. Just because these products bring significant results in the face of your partner, it would not have the same impact on you. It could even be will bring adverse effects if the product contains materials that are not in accordance with the skin.
  • May occur due to the current reliance on the use of discontinued products, skin conditions can be returned to normal or not last long.
Thus, it can be concluded that there is no guarantee that the antiaging products would be useful, it can bring side effects if it is not in accordance with the skin.

How to be Healthy Aging
Ageless not simply derived from the consumption of various pills or using a variety of anti-aging cosmetics. To get effective results and settle in the long run, it takes things that do naturally every day, or more accurately described as a healthy lifestyle. Here are some simple guidelines that can be applied:

Healthy diet
You do not need to apply a complicated diet or something. The easiest way to do is to add the amount of fruits and vegetables into your daily menu. Both contain fewer calories , fat, cholesterol, or sodium. As a result, you get more fiber , iron , vitamins, magnesium is beneficial keep your body healthy. In addition, strengthening the role of calcium from the bones, while fiber keeps the intestines can function well.

In general, eating healthy foods useful in slowing down the aging process and diseases that generally accompanies, such as osteoporosis . People who consume enough vegetables, fruits, and lean meats proved to be not at risk of death from the disease. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables help prevent cancer by fighting free radicals. Free radicals are substances from the body that damage tissues, cells, and the DNA of the body.

Move on
Actively moving through exercise habits to make the body seven times more likely to experience the natural aging healthier. This happens because the sport maintain blood circulation and metabolism stay organized so as cardiovascular, muscle, bones, and organs of the body healthy. Such benefits make exercise proven to help ward off chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes , heart disease, to depression . In addition, exercise also ward off dementia because they increase the interaction between nerve cells thus slowing the destruction of brain tissue.

Never too late to start exercising. People who are just starting to exercise regularly towards the elderly were still able to get the benefits of exercise than those who are not actively moving every day. If the body such as yoga is proven to maintain healthy both physically and mentally by improving blood circulation, nervous system and muscles.

Adequate rest
Other people can easily know if you are well rested overnight or not. Sleep 7-8 hours each day skin needs to stay healthy and not quickly wrinkles. However, too much sleep could also not good and it accelerates the process of skin cell damage. Sleep on their backs or sideways better for the skin than with tummy.

Maintain healthy skin
Use skin moisturizer regularly. Dry skin can make the skin cells into early aging and wrinkles, especially if frequently exposed to sunlight are also major factors cause aging of the skin. Therefore, it is also important to use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen (SPF) of at least 15 that protects from UVA and UVB sun rays. Use sunscreen regularly medically proven every day can slow the aging process of the skin. In addition it is also useful sunscreen to protect the skin from cancer due to excessive sun exposure. In addition to using sunscreen, use hats and clothing that covers the skin when you go outdoors.

In addition, consult a dermatologist or dermatological more promising than dabble own variety of anti-aging beauty products. Dermatologists can analyze, evaluate, and recommend products that suit the needs of your skin. Some dermatologists can provide care ranging from cream to prescribe a deeper level as Botox injections.

Distanced Less Good Habits
There are many reasons people seek out the right way ageless. One of these reasons aging, especially premature aging. This phenomenon is not only experienced by people over the age of 40 years. In fact, aging come sooner it can be started from the middle-aged, both in appearance, and health. Currently not uncommon levels of high cholesterol in the teens and middle-aged. Everything starts from the habits of everyday small that often do not realize, until then only detected after symptoms such as heart disease come. Here are some things that need to be avoided if you want to stay young.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol. Both can make skin wrinkles due to damage collagen and elasticity of the skin, and causes constriction of blood vessels on the skin surface.
  • Limit consumption of fast food meals easily add accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels.
  • The study found that stress can accelerate aging by 10-15 years because the body is forced to work extra constantly. Whenever possible, take a break in between busyness for relaxation and do the tune.
Above all, always think positive and choose to be happy also be key to keep the mind in order to stay young. Mind that remain physically active to keep your body to remain healthy longer.

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