Appendix Can Treated Without Surgery?

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In general, appendicitis treated with surgery, but there is research that indicates that some cases of this disease it can be handled only by antibiotik. The appendix is ​​a small tube-shaped organ and thin, measuring 5-10 cm which is connected to the large intestine.

This can become inflamed organ called appendicitis or appendicitis that could potentially lead to serious complications. If not handled properly, which is inflammation of the appendix can rupture. The bacteria from the intestines can then contaminate the organs in the abdominal cavity and cause life-threatening infections.
This condition is generally treated with surgery to remove the appendix and antibiotics can be used as part of treatment. Before running the operation, the doctor may give antibiotics to fight bacteria and prevent infection of the wound after surgery. In the case of a ruptured appendix, also used antibiotics to prevent infection after abdominal appendix removed.

However, there is a study that found that certain categories of appendicitis can be treated only with antibiotics. Here are some highlights of the findings.

When was appendicitis can be treated only with antibiotics?
Most paramedics use of antibiotics to deal with swollen appendix. At this stage, the appendix is ​​not in the condition broken so there should be treated with surgery as soon as possible. Appendix operation shall only run if the disease of the appendix has resulted in:
  • A ruptured appendix.
  • The appendix is ​​inflamed or severe swelling
  • Peritonitis, or infection of the lining of the abdominal cavity.
  • There is a festering wound or infection of the appendix.
So in addition to the above case, auxiliary mild intestinal disease likely to be handled only with antibiotics.

Are antibiotics alone enough to handle appendicitis? 
One study found that antibiotics can effectively handle more than half the cases of appendicitis without the need for surgery. Research conducted by Nottingham University Hospitals in England, compared the results of treatment of appendicitis mild disease treated with surgery with that treated with antibiotics. The result is handling the operation of nearly 40% higher risk of causing complications such as infection and a ruptured appendix, compared to treatment with antibiotics.

But keep in mind that not all cases of appendicitis can be treated with antibiotics alone. If the condition is severe enough that you experience the best for the future treatment is surgery.

What deficiency disease treatment appendicitis with antibiotics alone compared with the surgery?
Unfortunately, approximately 20 percent of patients treated only with antibiotics back had appendix surgery within a year after recovery. About 1 in 5 people who experience relapse was experiencing a ruptured appendix or other complications.

A study in Sweden applying antibiotics in the form of infusion for 2 days to 252 patients with appendicitis at a level that has not been severe. After that they were taking oral antibiotics for 10 days. Patients whose bodies do not respond within 24 hours will be operated. Approximately 88 percent of patients it can heal without surgery. However, within the next 5 years, about 24 percent of the patients were successfully treated with antibiotics re-experiencing appendicitis.

From the study it can be concluded that if it is not so necessary surgery, the patient can be treated with antibiotics alone. But with antibiotics, there is a 20 percent risk of appendicitis will happen again. Twenty percent may not be quite high but can not be ignored completely. If relapse, the best treatment is surgery.

Those at high risk of peritonitis and the elderly who suffer from appendicitis safer treated with surgery compared with antibiotics alone.

Nowadays, in general surgery doctors will take steps to deal with appendicitis. If doctors recommend the treatment with antibiotics alone, it could be appendicitis suffered by patients is light enough to be able to be treated without surgery.

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